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If you are struggling to find a open slot that suits you, have a larger group or struggle to fit your group in to the available slots on the booking system, try looking at our Private sessions instead, or please just get in touch at Info@JurassicWatersports.co.uk and we will try to fit in a session to suit you.

This new Adventure weekend will take you down to one of the best adventure spots in the south of England, Dartmoor!


Dartmoors bleak but beautiful, Hostile but welcoming and challenging but rewarding environment is the perfect place to experience nature, learn new skills and challenge yourself, all under the safe and watchful eye of our team of professional Adventurers!


These weekends will be an overall relaxing weekend away, with a touch of adventure thrown in. Over your two days in Dartmoor you may find yourselves Climbing at Hay tor, Hiking out of Post Bridge or lighting a fire and cooking on a open flame. The activities conducted will depend on the group and the weather at the time. You will meet your Leaders and fellow Adventurers for a morning coffee in Princetown where you will discuss weather and develop a plan for the weekend. We hope to spend a day out on the hill learning and refining some navigation skills, as well as a day climbing at one of Dartmoors most amazing crags! All that matters is that you all have an awesome time and experience what Dartmoor has to offer!


Want to make a whole adventure out of it? Why not ask about making this a wild camping experience! Walk in to a remote campsite, stay out on the hill over night, and walk back out for the next days adventure!