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The team here at Jurassic Watersports have been really excited about planning this new Experience! We love our Climbing! When we first started Climbing where did we go? Dartmoor! When we started training for our Rock Climbing Instructor qualifications, where did we go? Dartmoor!

Dartmoor is quite possibly the best Climbing in the South of England! With crags made up of sharp and grippy Granite and views that go on for ever, whats not to love!

These new Dartmoor Climbing Adventures finally allow our team to take you to the places that made us fall in love with Climbing! Amongst our team of passionate Climbing Instructors we have a shared experience of over 20 years of Climbing in Dartmoor! All of this wealth of experience has gone in to designing these trips to ensure you all have the very best time with us!

This Experience is the perfect way to spend a weekend for anyone with even a small amount of experience of Climbing. Whether your an avid Climber already, an Indoor Climber ready to take the next step or even if you've just recently joined us for a Dorset Climbing Experience, join us in Dartmoor for the best weekend of Climbing you've ever had!

Our Team of Instructors will handle all the setup of Climbs and Abseils, as well as helping you to develop your skills with helpful hints and coaching, so you can just worry about having a awesome time!