DofE Bronze Practice Expedition - Walking

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Day 1 is a training day. This training day prepares you to carry out the rest of your DofE Bronze Expedition, independent and self-sufficient. This training includes practical navigation training, route planning, cooking and stove safety, basic first aid and camp craft. Every aspect of your Expedition is covered so that you are completely confident in your ability to pass your Expeditions.

Day 2 and 3 is your official Practice Expedition. We kick things off with a kit check, to ensure you are equipped with all necessary equipment, we will then set you off on one of our tried and tested routes. Our practice routes have all be specifically chosen to be challenging enough to help develop the skills learnt on your practice day, without being overwhelming. We will ensure you are safe and happy throughout the day with multiple checkpoints where we will deliver any additional training that’s required. On completion of the practice Expedition, your Instructor Team will give you and your team a full debrief, ensuring any questions or worries are sorted and you are fully prepared to take on the challenge of your Qualifying Expedition.