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This £550 booking payment is for a group of up to 6 people. If your booking is for more than 6 people, this £550 will act as a deposit payment, with a balance invoice being sent to you on confirmation of your final numbers. For a quote on a price for all spaces over 6, please get in touch before placing your booking. Please be as accurate as you can of your numbers at time of booking, this is to ensure we can allocate adequate staffing for your booking.

Our Private sessions offer you the opportunity to experience our awesome Activities, surrounded by only you and your Friends and Family!

Rock Climbing is uniquely satisfying, Adventure Outdoor Activity. Climbing not only presents the opportunity to see some fantastic and unique sights, it also provides a feeling of success that can really make your day! Scaling cliffs and conquering the natural environment! Studies have shown that participating in activities such as Rock Climbing has been proven to help develop resilience and problem solving that not only makes you a better Climber, but also helps you to succeed in your day to day life.

Whether you’re new to Climbing, an experienced indoor Climber or a old hand coming back to the sport, Jurassic Watersports has something for you!