DofE Gold Practice Expedition - Paddling

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DofE Gold Practice Paddling Expedition – Our Paddling Expedition training days focus almost entirely on water rescue training and paddle techniques. These training days are 90%practical, on the water, (and some in the water!) with your instructor running you through various rescues and developing your long-distance paddle techniques.

Day 1 is a training day. We will meet you at a campsite, we kick things off with a kit check, to ensure you are equipped with all necessary equipment, then you will set up camp. We will spend a few minutes just discussing campsite choice for the next few days and make sure you all know how to set up your tents. We will then spend the rest of the day out on the hill, putting your navigation skills to the test. Once back on camp in the evening we will discuss a few bits about first aid and emergency action plans ETC. This training day is designed to completely prepare you for the challenge that is a completely independent Gold Expedition.

Day 2, 3 and 4 is your official Practice Expedition. We will set you off on one of our tried and tested routes. Our practice routes have all be specifically chosen to be challenging enough to help develop the skills learnt on your practice day, without being overwhelming. We will ensure you are safe and happy throughout with multiple checkpoints. On completion of the practice Expedition, your Instructor Team will give you and your team a full debrief, ensuring any questions or worries are sorted and you are fully prepared to take on the challenge of your Qualifying Expedition.