DofE Gold Qualifying Expedition - Walking

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Day 1 is a ‘Familiarisation’ day that is vital in making sure you are 100% prepared for a DofE Gold Expedition, This day is spent checking kit, getting to know your team and instructors and a final chance to tune up any skills, while also settling in to your environment for the next few days.  

Day 2 marks the start of your official 4 day and 3 night qualifying Expedition. This Expedition will be 100% self-sufficient. You will have pre-arranged checkpoints with your supervisors each day, apart from those checkpoints, you and your team will operate be completely independently.

On completion of the qualifying Expedition, you and your team will deliver your Expedition Aim Presentation to your Assessor who will then sit down with you and your team and run through a full debrief. After your Expedition, your Assessor will send each member of the group a completed copy of the Jurassic Watersports Assessors report, as well as uploading a copy direct to your EDofE account.